Family Yoga

Join me the first Saturday of each month at 10:30 at the Yoga 4 All studio for Family Yoga!

Back to School Yoga

As I pack my own kids off to school (middle school already??), I'm reminding them to be yogic in their thoughts and actions: breathe, stay calm, be open to new experiences, kindness, etc. This article goes right along with it!

Have a wonderful school year! And to all you teachers out there - thank you for all you do!

MOSI yoga

MOSI in Tamp is fun field trip for young yogis!
I spent Thursday at MOSI with my kids and discovered a couple of cool yoga-ish activities there.

Family Yoga

The monthly FAMILY YOGA class this morning was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. We made pizza and sandwiches, popped like popcorn, danced on spaghetti legs, and spent time in our Secret Garden. Thank you to the seven families that came to play with me!

The next FAMILY YOGA class is Saturday, September 3rd at 10:30 at the Yoga 4 All studios.

In case you were wondering about the fun songs I used in class, here is the playlist:
Jim Gill: Spaghetti Legs
Barenaked Ladies: Popcorn
Kidding Around Yoga: Om Shanti

Photo Evidence

Ever wonder if your kids are enjoying their yoga classes? Here's the proof:
What color is your butterfly?

Lion pose always brings out the giggles!

Soaring like an eagle has never been so fun!

Lion's pose is requested in every class!

54 Fun Family Activities for Summer

Only a few more days until the kids are home for the summer! Here are some ideas to keep your young yogis busy with thoughtful, peaceful (and with a touch of silly) activities:
54 Fun Family Activities for Summer Yoga Style

What I Am

How can you go wrong with the Sesame Street gang, a song about how great you are, and from the Black Eyed Peas?